“Ivano-Frankivsk is eco-innovative city” in the eyes of young people from other countries

PEEC and the worldwide youth organization AIESEC hosted guests from China, Thailand, Turkey, Egypt and Iran at the end of the summer. Foreign activists got acquainted with the public movements and organizations in their countries in the field of ecology and got the task of exploring Ivano-Frankivsk in the context “Ivano-Frankivsk is eco-innovative city” and presenting their vision to the locals.

The purpose of the project is to point out the advantages and disadvantages of Ivano-Frankivsk with the eyes of foreign tourists. Often residents of cities, accustomed to the daily appearance of their city, do not pay attention to those things that can greatly affect a foreigner. This applies to both positive and negative details that need to be worked out to improve life in the city.

So, during the week, the AIESEC followers prepared a summary of their research and presented the audience of the city. For example, among the disadvantages that should be improved: bad roads, garbage, web of electricity lines, old cars, and from the advantages: lots of green plants, beautiful parks and lake, smiling people, bicycle infrastructure..etc. By the way, some of the pros Ivano-Frankivsk struck us not less than minuses)) In particular, “in the IF there is pure blue sky” – guests from China … that’s right)

Photo report: