EU clusters conference of CLUSGRID project at 7th Eastern Europe Initiatives Congress in Lublin, Poland

24-25.09 PEEC honorary delegation has presented its cluster activity at the 7th Eastern Europe Initiatives Congress in Lublin in the panel “Clusters for Eastern Partnership “. Together with clusters from France, Spain, Bulgaria and Poland – participants of the European project CLUSGRID, we discussed partnership and funding opportunities through joint projects for both clusters and individual cluster members. In order for you to know – the EU financial support vector for innovation and entrepreneurship has shifted towards the Eastern Partnership, that means you just need to find a partner in Europe -> offer the implementation of a product or technology, and voila – get the money for such a joint project, but most important company partners must be cluster members! Good)..

Concerning the CLUSGRID project, the cluster participants have analyzed the capabilities and tools of mutual reinforcement, potential and competencies of the consortium. The presented at the panel clusters had different scales – from the French Pole SCS with more than 300 members to the Spanish cluster of clusters – SOLARTYS. At the same time, PEEC was impressed by the level of cluster support in the EU, in particular, the Spanish cluster in Barcelona has its own multi-level building where all the cluster members have their offices!! Unfortunately, immediately it comes to mind that if we will have such support in Ukraine it wont be soon.

Also, PEEC delegation, in particular the representatives of solar energy, visited the innovative company ML SYSTEM near the city of Rzeszow, and it was simply delighted! The company not only produces photovoltaic cells, but also develops itself! The most up-to-date product is their completely transparent photovoltaic glass! The factory was built just 2 years ago and now strongly occupied its market niche!

As a conclusion, we would like to say that we are so inspired by their projects, our Polish neighbors make cool things and we have to catch up the wave !