Work meetings of the joint Ukrainian-Hungarian project EaP Plus

On 7-9.03.2019 and 11-13.03.2019 meetings of the PEEC and ArchEnerg cluster members were held within the framework of the joint Ukrainian-Hungarian project EaP Plus. For cluster members – small and medium-sized businesses, this is a good opportunity to get acquainted with the enterprises of Hungary, as well as the opportunity to start B2B cooperation and to open the markets of both countries and the European Union.

The participants of the first meeting – representatives of the Electric Group LLC visited Szeged and, thanks to the ArchEnerg cluster, got acquainted with companies in the field of their activity – solar and wind power, in particular 3 COMM LINE Kft. and Aeroenergi Kft. Although Hungary is a neighboring country, the climate and economic conditions for RES vary greatly, so there is much to be learned from companies in this field.

“During the visit, we discussed possible contact points in our activities and potential projects for cooperation. Our Hungarian colleagues, in particular, were interested in our technology for solar plant designs and the equipment we use. We were invited to work on common objects abroad. With regard to wind power, which appeared in Hungary much earlier than in Ukraine, we are interested in their experience, in particular in operating wind generators of different models ”- Yuri Mikhailuk, Development Director of Electric Group LLC.

The second visit was of Passivehouse Atelier to Horizont Global Ltd, which produces passive metal structures, was also successful:

“I really enjoyed learning about the new technology used in the construction of passive homes, which greatly accelerates the process and was founded by Canadians of Hungarian descent. I have not yet saw such solutions in Ukraine, so this is a potential niche for cooperation ”- Mykola Yatsynovych, the founder of passive construction company in Ivano-Frankivsk.