Participation in the “EIT Manufacturing. Ukraine cooperation workshop”

On November 23, at the Łukasiewicz Research Network – Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements PIAP, the workshop “Cooperation with Ukrainian innovators” was held, which was organized by EIT Manufacturing in cooperation with the Ukrainian cluster of automation and mobility.

The participants got acquainted with the activities and programs for financing innovative projects at EIT, and during an open discussion and workshop, they talked about the real needs of the Ukrainian manufacturing sector and possible forms of cooperation with EIT Manufacturing. The meeting was attended by representatives of EIT Manufacturing: Christian Belling, director of CLC Central, as well as Adrian Bablock and Loris Valero-Leconte. The Ukrainian side was represented by Olga Trofymova from the Ukrainian Automation and Mobility Cluster, Lyudmyla Shyyko – Precarpatian Eco-Energy Cluster, Olena Sadoma – APPAU and others, from the Polish side Krzysztof Lipiec – Łukasiewicz PIAP, director of the commercialization department.

The main aspects of further cooperation of Ukraine with the EIT and the European Commission, which were voiced by the participants, in particular from the Ukrainian side, during the workshop are:
– institutional support needs to be strengthened, especially in the scientific and research part,
– it is necessary to introduce a separate program to support the reconstruction of Ukraine,
– the attractiveness of Ukraine for foreign investors is increasing, so European investments may be preceded by investments from the USA and China, and the foundation must be prepared now, especially considering the peculiarities and dynamics of investment processes in these countries compared to European ones.