EaP Plus Clusters collaboration project

EaP Plus Cluster Grant Scheme project was focused on matching and establishment of collaboration between two clusters: well-experienced European ArchEnerg International Innovative Cluster of Renewable Energy and Building Trade from Szeged, Hungary, and the young Ukrainian Precarpathian Eco-Energy Cluster from Ivano-Frankivsk. Both clusters work in the field of green energy and energy-effective innovations with similar scope and values.

About EaP Cluster Grant scheme is here: https://www.eap-plus.eu/object/news/154

The EaP PLUS project had two aims:

  1. to establish partnership between PEEC and ArchEnerg and to study activity scope;
  2. to find common interests and write project for common implementation with a strong impact on the development of both clusters and countries.

ArchEnerg, certified as an “Accredited Innovation Cluster”, has 81 companies and has been successfully operating for 11 years. ArchEnerg is an  award-winning cluster honored with most prestigious award in the world – the Gold Label. That is why, for PEEC young cluster, which is just two years old with 17 members, cooperation and the opportunity to learn the experience of such an organization is an invaluable push for development, especially looking at the similarity of the economic and social conditions of the two neighboring countries – Ukraine and Hungary with a separation of 11 years.

The project included study and work visits to Hungary and Ukraine, signing a memorandum for cooperation, writing drafts of mutual projects and establishing of a strong prospective partnership. All the activities  not only achieved the planned aims and desired results, but also gave some added value to international cooperation of Ukrainian and Hungarian economic and social systems represented by clusters.

Both aims are achieved, as well as all 4 objectives through done activities.

The first visit within the framework of the EaP Plus Cluster Grant Scheme project took place in Seged, Hungary from January 24 to January 26, 2018, the delegation of the Precarpathian Eco-Energy Cluster visited the partner cluster, ArchEnerg International Innovative Cluster of Renewable Energy and Building Trade.

The purpose of the visit of the delegation of PEEC is to introduce the Ukrainian cluster and to familiarize with the organizational structure of the partner Hungarian cluster. Additionally, during the meeting, ArchEnerg demonstrated the most successful projects, with particular emphasis on international cooperation, management and coordination. A separate part of the visit was dedicated to get acquainted with business participants who are interested in the Ukrainian market and cooperation with Ukrainian companies. The proximity to the border and the prospects for launching new business development directions are of particular interest for complementary technological areas, which are represented in both clusters. At the end of the visit PEEC and ArchEnerg have signed a Memorandum of Understanding creating a in strong partnership for further joint activities this way.

More Information is here https://peec.org.ua/en/2018/01/29/the-first-meeting-of-peec-and-archenerg-took-place-as-part-of-the-eap-plus-cluster-grant-scheme/ and http://www.archenerg.eu/index.php/en/home/384-hungarian-ukrainian-cluster-meeting-in-szeged

The second visit was organized as a conference for PEEC, ArchEnerg and invited guests – partnering clusters from Ukraine and Poland, and also supporting organizations such as Ukraine Invest Office Representative of Ukrainian Government 14 – 16.02.2019 in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine. The conference was aimed to demonstrate win-win strategies using the potential of each of the partner clusters. It was also provided some nuances of organizational structures and the experience of each of them as well as some useful tips for participation in national and European competitions. As in most EU countries, the cluster management is provided by a separate legal entity called the cluster coordinator. It was interesting to know the place and role of the cluster in the nation-wide state of European countries. Also, during the visit PEEC members presented their activities and projects both on presentations and on real objects for foreign guests.

More Information is here


Two work visits with the purpose of business cooperation establishment and implementation of joint activity in alternative energetics and passive houses technology were 7-9.03.2019 and 11-13.03.2019. The meetings opened a direct opportunity to adjust activity on the Ukrainian and Hungarian markets taking into account the specificity of economic and law situations in both countries as well as human and knowledge resources. These meetings were the initial stage for further implementation of win-win strategy for cluster members in directions mentioned above.

More information is here:


The last visit was at the end of March and was designed as practical workshop on preparing of the next joint project concept on Circular economy, compiling the proper consortium and writting the application form  for Visegrad+ Fund. From the point of view of a grantwriter such meeting has anavaluable impact on partnership consolidation, since totally has been focused on complementary work and practical cooperation, and no one traning or seminar cannot be as useful as work shoulder to shoulder with direct practical tips transfer.

As a conclusion: PEEC and ArchEnerg obtained multiplied directions to collaborate, in it not only as cluster management organizations, but also B2B relations for both clusters’ members.